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The V1 Display

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V1 Rocket

Building 4 is the original 1940 'B' Flight Dispersal Hut, which was formerly sited on the east side of the airfield by Killing Wood. It now houses one of the Museum's V1 Flying Bombs, or 'Doodle Bug' as it was more commonly known, together with a section of launch ramp, launch piston and associated items. This example of a V1 Flying Bomb was used in the film 'Operation Crossbow'.

This building was also used as 'B' Flight Dispersal Hut for No. 421 Flight, when they moved to Hawkinge on the 15th November 1940. Their role was to patrol the coast and over the channel at high altitude, and could identify specific types of enemy aircraft, their strength and tactics and therefore their likely targets. These types of patrols became known as "Jim Crows". No. 421 Flight was brought up to squadron strength and renumbered No. 91 (Nigeria) Squadron on the 11th January 1941. The Squadron became famous for its fighter sweeps into France, offensive night operations, ASR searches and reporting and attacking shipping in the Channel.

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