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About Former RAF Station Hawkinge

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WWII Airfield Picture

The Museum was lucky to acquire one of the sites of Britain's epic struggle for survival in 1940, in what was the greatest air battle of all time.  The airfield itself was the nearest Royal Air Force station to enemy-occupied France and only some ten minutes flying time away from the Luftwaffe fighter airfields in the Pas-de-Calais, in addition to which the airfield and surrounding district was subjected to long range cross-Channel shelling from the German shore batteries stationed along the French coast.  Not for nothing was the Folkestone area known as "Hellfire Corner".  Despite the passing years today's visitor can still savour the atmosphere of the airfield's past with the landmarks and buildings that remain, acting as points of reference, whilst beyond can be seen the English Channel and the French coast.

The Museum is entirely self-supporting and stands or falls by the number of visitors it attracts. It is run by eight enthusiasts and volunteers.

We are always pleased to accept donations of relevant items of the period for display.  Please contact the Museum direct. If you find your visit to our museum enjoyable and interesting, please tell your friends. Thank you for your support.

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