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Local Links | RAF, Wartime and Aviation Links

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RAF, Wartime and Aviation Links

Capel-le-Ferne Memorial. A striking memorial to those who flew and those who gave their lives in the Battle of Britain stands on the White Cliffs between Dover and Folkestone at Capel-le-Ferne.


Spitfire and Hurricane Memorial. This is the official internet site for the Spitfire and Hurricane Memorial at Manston in Kent.

Banking Spitfire

Spitfires Page. A page for Spitfire aficionados.

Tangmere Logo

Tangmere Museum. This museum contains exhibits depicting 70 years of military aviation in Sussex, with special emphasis on the RAF at Tangmere and the air war over southern England from 1939 to 1945.

Fireman's Helmet

Manston Fire Museum. Web-site dedicated the RAF Manston Fire Service and other related items. This site also has details about the Manston Fire Service Museum. Contains many links to other Fire Service related pages.

Keith Gillman

Shoreham Aircraft Museum. The Shoreham Aircraft Museum was founded in 1978 by local enthusiasts, whose passion for the Battle of Britain period resulted in the establishment of a permanent display in 1988.

Anne Shelton

The Official Anne Shelton web-site. Contains a collection of photographs, archive material etc. that was only recently rediscovered about the wartime singer.

Ground Crew

Stan Warren's WWII Ex-RAF Ground Crew Services Web Site. This site is dedicated to WWII ex-RAF Ground Crew Services.


The Hawker Hurricane Site. This Web site is dedicated to all who worked with the Hawker Hurricane past and present.

Aeroflight Logo

Aeroflight. The web-site for aviation enthusiasts..

Fighter Command

Battle of Britain Site. These pages are not meant to glorify war. They are dedicated to the men and women throughout the world who fought and, in many cases, died for what they believed in Freedom.

Spitfire Society Logo

The Spitfire Society. The Spitfire Society home page.

Bob Net Graphic

Fighter Command - Battle of Britain 1940. A full chronology of the Battle of Britain. The site also includes the Battle of Britain Historical Society web-site.

RAF Flag

Hawker Hurricane - Defender of the Empire. Another site dedicated to the great Hawker Hurricane. Contains a great deal of data and reference on this aircraft.

BoB Pilot

Official RAF Battle of Britain site. The site contains much information about the Battle of Britain, including the aircraft, the squadrons and the commanders.

Forces Re-united Web-site

Forces Re-united web-site. This website is run by Ex-Forces Personnel, for Forces and Ex-Forces Personnel who have either left or are still currently serving in the Armed Forces wherever they are in the world, who wish to find old friends or colleagues from the past.

MoD Re-united Web-site

MoD Re-united web-site. Lost contact? Ever wondered what your old colleagues are up to? The safe, secure and completely free way to get back in touch.

WWII Ex-RAF Kenya Graphic

The Air Net Web-site. The most comprehensive guide to aviation links across the globe.

WWII Ex-RAF Kenya Graphic

WWII ex-RAF Kenya. A site created by Len Smith, in memory of his father - Len Smith, to bring ex-RAF ground crew that served in Kenya together during WWII.

Chatham Home Guard Picture

Chatham Home Guard. The Chatham Home Guard was formed in July 1994 to research the history of the Home Guard, to portray the real 'Dad's Army' and to 're-educate' the public.

World War 2 Ex-RAF Logo

World War 2 Ex-RAF. The site dedicated to helping you find old air force friends and pals from the war years.

Hyderabad Squadron Emblem

152 Hyderabad Squadron. This site is dedicated to all those who served with the squadron during the period of 1939 - 1967.

John Sample

Squadron Leader John Sample DFC. This site is dedicated to the memory of Squadron Leader John Sample DFC who is one of the forgotten men of the Battle of Britain, not nationally but locally as well. That is why he's remembered here.

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